Thursday, March 25, 2010

For the daddy ...

I should have done this all week! (slap hand to forehead) Now my fox of a husband is about to get on a plane and head back to us. (insert happy dance here) I'm not sure if he'll even see this before he gets back in the states but at least he gets a sample of one of his days away.

Our day ....

Today was "teddy bear picnic day" at preschool. KB was BESIDE herself with excitement. She got up with me and everything. She wanted to bring one of those tiny little baby doll teddy bears. I talked her into Athenaeum bear. I'm sure none of the other teddy bears were of British descent.

She grabbed her favorite orange blanket to bring with her. It think she was more excited about the blanket than the bear. It's the blanket I got her in Portugal so she was quite "euro-chic" today. All the kids took their teddies and blankets to the large room and had a picnic. They sang songs and ate teddy grahams - well except for one kid who was "lergic" to them. Poor kid, bummer.

After KB was off to school, Tank and I headed out to Milford to look at another one of my craigslist treasures. Normally I don't like to take the kids out to a complete stranger's house. I made arrangements with my friend/neighbor, Wendy. I gave her the address, told her the time, and planned to call her immediately afterwards so she'd know we weren't chopped up in little pieces. I drive out there and low and behold, it's beautiful! Nice lady named "Peggy". She takes people's unwanted stuff, fixes it up, and sells it on craigslist. She then donates the money to various charities. There were multiple dogs, parrots, horses ... It was totally me in 10 years. LOVED her. The picture of the house isn't great but the sprawl was phenomenal. I know we talked about living in our house forever but I gotta tell you, this look at country life sold me for sure.

Next was the grocery store. Not terribly exciting but is this boy not the cutest thing ever? The cauliflower display was particularly lovely today. Does anyone ever actually buy purple cauliflower? I started to take a picture but the produce guy was already looking at me funny. Not to mention I was bordering on "piddling" status just staring at the organic stuff.

Finally ... last but not least ... my newest treasure ... (drum roll please). My craigslist dresser. Twenty dolla - make you holla! Yeah! mid-century, small dresser - 4 drawer, solid wood. Look at those clean lines ... look at those tiny legs with the metal thingey on them. Wow. Picture her cream ... or black ... in our foyer. She fits perfectly in that spot where the plant stand is now. She'd be adorned with a mercury glass vase and a pretty little dish I snagged out of my sweet mother-in-law's garage. Add a silver pitcher (also from mom's garage) full of fresh flowers. Feels like home. I know, I know ... I'll finish my 5 other projects first.