Friday, July 30, 2010

Mountains of Monkey Munch ...

We made monkey munch ...
dog chow ...
whatever the heck you call it ..

I've only had it once before but I read about it recently.
Who knew it was so easy to make.

Some chex cereal, chocolate chips, peanut butter, margarine, 
powdered sugar and vanilla.

That's it.

Of course in my anxiousness to get it all together 
(keep Keira from eating the chocolate chips) ...

I forgot the vanilla. 

No mas ... 
nobody seemed to notice.

I mean come on ...
Chocolate and peanut butter fused into a crunch medium 
AND covered in powdered sugar.  

You know you want some.

Just grab the recipe off the side of the Rice Chex box...

and then you too ...

can have a little face like this staring back at you.

Notice that ever so slight trace of powdered sugar on the upper lip.

Mmmmmmm ... monkey munch.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4th .... finally

Keira knows the pledge of allegiance by heart.
She knows that the fourth of July is all about the red ... white ... and blue.
It's also about ...

parades where candy flies freely ... playing with cousins ... 
swimming ... eating junk.  all.  day.  long.
She knows all about Cowan lake
and uncle Billy & Aunt May's farm.  

Yep ... it's right up there with Christmas for us. 
My country tis of thee ...
sweet land of liberty.

Fin on the other hand ... 

he just knows that if he runs fast enough, 
he can stay a couple steps ahead of mom or dad.

There is that point though ...

... where he finally passes out and then we all get a break.

All the Carey siblings made it this year!
Aunt Judy from New York ...
Uncle Charles from Arkansas.

What a FUN group.  
Throw in a pontoon boat and Montgomery Inn the next day and you
never know what might happen.  
Thanks again Randy for the wine ..
and Tom for being the "Fin whisperer".

Clarksville is a tiny farming community very near Wilmington and Sasha's house.
They have a charming July 4th parade every year.  

Kids on decorated bicycles ..
emergency vehicles with flags and horns blaring ..
GIGANTIC farm equipment showering us with candy.

It's enough excitement for my all American princess to explode!

But then we saw pony rides ....

the rest of that is history.
She's going to name the pony C.C. get's her 
(when she's 5)
Strawberry Shortcake.

You started it Cindy.

In the late afternoon and evening we headed out to the McCoy's farm.

We got to witness Michael's mad kayak skills.

Fin absolutely can NOT stay away from this ATV.

Cameron took him for a ride ...
still wearing a hat.

(Cameron ... not Fin)

The Romance's were all there.

How great to see how much Patrick and Emily have grown..
to congratulate Gilbert on soon being a big brother.

Thanks to Aunt Pat, I now have to have an IPad 
of my very own. 

The boys do fireworks over the pond every year. 

The kids anxiously await this all day long.

According to these faces ... it's worth the wait.

Even Fin enjoyed the fireworks ...

Of course ... that boy enjoys anything 
from his daddy's lap.

Our 4th was all we imagined it would be.  
The only thing missing was my family in Florida ..
and we did miss them.

I am thankful for our freedom to celebrate.

I am thankful for these traditions and memories.
Memories for me and Shawn ... 
memories my kids will always have.

I am most thankful for the people who are a part of these memories.
The people who define the word ... family.

There were tons of pictures.  I know many of you wanted copies.
We've uploaded the best to our family photo site.
You can click on the link below to see them.
You can also download them to have for prints etc...

In order to download in individual picture, double click the picture (to make it bigger).  
Double click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing downward.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Posting overload ...

Good morning chompers!!
(Keira calls Fin "little chomper" ... it's got a ring to it)

Thanks so much for the notes, emails and prayers for my fabulous mother-in-law.  Remember you can comment anytime too.  
Comments make me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself.
Just click on the comment button at the bottom.
It's super easy.  Create a google ID (free) and then it will be a piece of cake to harass me all the time.  

I'm going to be doing several posts today.
Just want to warn you.
I want to get caught up on all our recent adventures before July 4th.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute ..
.. at least you can rest assured it's me writing this and not some 
punctual imposter.  Yep ... definitely me.

Anyhoo .... July 4th is a HUGE holiday for our family.
It's right up there with Christmas.
I'll probably take 10 billion pictures tomorrow.

So enjoy a quick catch up.
Hope you are ready for lots of red, white, and blue 
late tomorrow or Monday.  

Happy 4th - may your day be filled with sparklers!