Friday, January 14, 2011

A look back at 2010 ...

I know I'm a little late but what else is new.
The way I see it ... 
I haven't blogged in forever ... 
a recap if 2010 that is 2 weeks late isn't so bad.

So let's take a walk down memory lane ... shall we?

January 2010:
January brought us lots of snow.  
Shawn and I spent the first New Year's eve together since the first year we were married.  
The band was playing ... but at least I was there to kiss him on the stroke of midnight.
My brother married the love of his life.
Keira was the flower girl.  
Unfortunately, during the ceremony she couldn't quite hold her #1.
Yep ... a nice puddle of pee right before the vows.
Now there's a memory for you.

February 2010:
February brought more snow.
Keira and I made our first snowman.
We also got a nice ice dam in the gutter.
Lots of damage ... lots of money ... snow not as fun.
We played inside a lot ... a whole lot.
I spray painted the ugly brass chandelier 
and turned it into on of my favorite things in the house.
Our little Kramer dog turned 14 years old.  
That's 112 in dog years.

March 2010:
The temperature warmed up and we got out more.
Sidewalk chalk was our best friend.
I took Keira to see the Mason theater's "Cinderella".
Fin got his first hair cut.

April 2010:
April took us to the Nature Center to see the daffodils.
We saw the parade downtown on opening day.
Keira and Fin saw the Easter bunny.
They were thrilled.
As always .. the much anticipated egg hunt at the McCoy's farm.

May 2010:
I got more serious about photography.
Still a work in progress.
Keira made me a towel for Mother's day.
I will cherish it forever.
My baby girl turned 4 and I turned 37.
Shawn and I got away to New Orleans.
We had the best fried chicken of our entire lives.
Worth mentioning definitely.

June 2010:
We went down to Florida to see my family in June. 
The whole clan went down to Disney World ... the kid's first time.
We returned to devastating news.
Sasha was diagnosed with liver, lung, and brain cancer.
With a get away in order ...
we headed out West to see Aunt Doris.
An extra few days were spent exploring Santa Fe.

July 2010:
The 4th is one of our family's favorite holidays.
Breakfast with the Carey's, parade in Clarksville, and fireworks with the McCoys.
It got pretty hot so sprinkler time was in order.
Keira introduced Fin to markers. 
I'd like to personally thank Crayola for their washable feature.
We also found out that we were pregnant with McCoy #3.

August 2010:
In August we relished the last month of summer at the pool with our friends.
We headed back down to Florida to celebrate Grandpa's big #60.
Many zoo trips, park trips, and even a great day at Sharon Woods.

September 2010:
Once the weather starts to cool all you want to do is head to the festivals.
The corn festival is a must each year.
Keira started her last year of preschool as a "moonbeam".
Sadly we discovered that I had experienced a "missed miscarriage".
I was no longer pregnant and needed a procedure to make things right.
We took the last week for a much needed vacation in Hawaii.
Sasha came along too!

October 2010:
The first week was a continuation of our Hawaiian vacay.
Shawn turned 42 in Maui.
Keira's class searched for the perfect pumpkin.
We trick or treated with family at "beggar's night" in Wilmington ..
and ventured out for more candy with friends on Halloween.

November 2010:
We got outside as much as we could before the cold.
Keira performed as a peppermint girl in the Nutcracker.
We had a great time at Heuston Woods for an overnight Thanksgiving.
Seeing a bald eagle out our lodge window on Thanksgiving morning was like a gift.
Being together was the greatest gift.

December 2010:
On the 1st our personal elf "Rosie" came back.
The perfect Christmas tree was found and snow was frequent.
Fin celebrated his 2nd birthday - Ka-chow!
Christmas was a blessing.  We soaked in every minute.

So here we are.  Another year has gone by.  
Our lows were very low ... but our highs were just as high. 
Sasha is kicking cancer's butt.  
No doubt this remarkable woman will continue the battle 
with her amazing grace and style in 2011.

As for the possible 3rd McCoy.  We're on the fence.  You never know.

Our kids are amazing.  Each day is remarkable.  Each day is a gift.

We have family ... we have love ... we have each other.

Bring it on 2011.