Saturday, August 7, 2010

Randomness for Daddy ...

When toys aren't involved ... these two are generally really great friends.

That makes me HAPPY.

We picked more cherry tomatoes today.  

I finally separated the basil and tomato plants.

The basil  plant is HUGE.

Smells so good on the porch.

I'll get some mozzarella and we will be in saladville USA when you get home.

Oh my good lord. 

 Did you know that Crayola makes colored play sand?

I thought Keira might pee her pants when she saw the pink.

Fin said "bring it".  

Oh, and yes ... he did try to eat it.  

It is actually pretty cool.

Pink on one side, blue on the other.

Somewhere in the middle they meet and form purple.

No complaints from these two.

Love you ... miss you ... counting the days.


  1. I don't know about Daddy, but Grandma is surely happy to see this blog! I really know Daddy appreciates it too! Keeps grandma going for sure! Good job Kim! Love You!

  2. That is the coolest sand!
    cute stuff ;)