Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The "C" word...

Did you ever know someone who was so captivating that they almost seemed magnetic?
At first you think, "I never knew there could be anyone so incredibly genuine". 
Knowing her helps you to see the good in other people.
This is my mother-in-law Sandi.

My kids call her Sasha ... you may remember the post I did about her birthday a while back.  
She has absolutely, positively made a difference in my life.
She has influenced the person I am ... the woman I am.

Two weeks ago, everything in our world Changed. 
Two weeks ago, Sasha was diagnosed with Stage IV liver and lung cancer. 

Most of you who know me personally have met her.  
If you have had that privilege then you know she is most definitely a one of a kind.
She is beautiful ...
She is funny ...
She believes in you ... even if she barely knows you.
She is the type of person who can almost instantly, with a smile and some words, 
help you to hold your head high and take a happy stride through life. 

Please pray for her ... pray for us.  
So far she is doing great.  She started chemo on Monday.
Today she went through a relatively invasive radiation treatment.
She did it in full make up ... jewelry ... and heels, only Sasha.

It's in storms like these that time slows down.  
You hold onto the minutes a little bit tighter.
You try to truly live every passing second.  

We will get through this.

As Sasha herself says, 
"It's a little "c" not a big "C".  Let's not give it any more power than it deserves."
I told you she is amazing.  
She is loved by so many and all of us will fight with her.

We are not here to weather the storm ...
But to learn to dance in the rain.

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  1. Kim my dear, you have really said it all! Through the tears, I am so proud of you for speaking of Sandi like this! It is beautiful and true, just like her. Our hearts go out, as well as for all the prayers we can gather! We love you guys and are here if you need us. Mom