Saturday, July 3, 2010

Posting overload ...

Good morning chompers!!
(Keira calls Fin "little chomper" ... it's got a ring to it)

Thanks so much for the notes, emails and prayers for my fabulous mother-in-law.  Remember you can comment anytime too.  
Comments make me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself.
Just click on the comment button at the bottom.
It's super easy.  Create a google ID (free) and then it will be a piece of cake to harass me all the time.  

I'm going to be doing several posts today.
Just want to warn you.
I want to get caught up on all our recent adventures before July 4th.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute ..
.. at least you can rest assured it's me writing this and not some 
punctual imposter.  Yep ... definitely me.

Anyhoo .... July 4th is a HUGE holiday for our family.
It's right up there with Christmas.
I'll probably take 10 billion pictures tomorrow.

So enjoy a quick catch up.
Hope you are ready for lots of red, white, and blue 
late tomorrow or Monday.  

Happy 4th - may your day be filled with sparklers!


  1. I know ... had a change of plans that day. I never got back to the computer. July 4th post sometime today and then I'll start catching everything else up.