Saturday, February 19, 2011

The post where you think I need cheese with my whine.

The last couple of days have been ... interesting.

I think yesterday was a full moon ... that explains a lot.
Years ago, I worked for the telephone company for a while answering repair calls. 
Aside from the normal daily heavy breathing prison inmates calling to ask what color your panties are ...
the crazy really comes out of people on and just before the full moon.

For starters, the child pictured below has been sick, again.  
I blame the gym.
He gets some sort of weird sickness every freaking time I take him to the gym.

This is some sort of cold funk with a touch of diarrhea thrown in for fun.  Woo Whoo

When Fin gets any type of congestion he doesn't sleep.

He doesn't nap.

Translation: I don't sleep 

Extra translation:  Grouchy momma - party of 1

He also does a fairly constant moany whine which Shawn and I refer to as:
the firetruck.

It hasn't just been Fin though.

Here, I'll just give you a small sampling of most of my last week:
(These things all happened at different times over the course of 3 days)

* I wasn't even painting!!  I was taking a brand new quart of paint downstairs for storage.

Fin:  " I pooped ...."

*ding dong* "Hi Mrs. M ... my school is collecting for the American Heart Association, can you donate?"  - neighborhood kid from 2 doors down

Keira:  "mom ..... Fin punched me in the nose!!!"

Me:  "Watch out Keira your going to spill your ....... milk.  No I'll get the towels."

Fin:  "I pooped ..."

Keira:  "Mom ... Fin got snot on the couch ... gross"

*ding dong* "Hi Mrs. M ... my school is collecting for the American Heart Association, can you donate?"  - neighborhood kid from across the street

Fin:  "I pooped ..."

Keira:  "Mom ... Fin pooped.... mom ... mom???  FIN POOPED."

Me:  "Keira ... how did Kramer (the dog) get spaghetti noodles on his back ... and is that .... cheese?"

Keira:  "Mom!  Fin has a huge snot rocket!!!"

Me:  "Keira!!  Dont EVER wrap anything around Fin's neck"

Me:  "Fin ... sweetie ... you are a 2 year old who weighs 40 lbs ... I can't carry you all day."

*Crash from other room while I'm trying to take a simple pee in peace*
Fin:  "uh oh ... sorwee momma ..."

*ding dong*  "Hi Mrs. M ... my school is collecting for the ..."
Me:  "let me guess ... American Heart Association ..."
- There are a katrillion kids in my neighborhood and they all go to the same school. 


Oh, I could go on and on but you get the idea.
I wouldn't say it's been a bad week.

Just a challenging week. 

I guess that's what parenthood ... life... is all about though.  

So ... I'll just keep swimming knowing that more than likely ...
next week will be a whole lot easier.

Here's to next week! 


  1. so good and so sweet!
    Way to respond right, Momma. Those cute kids are watching you and instead of blogging about waaah wah wah this and that, you say "i'm gonna get back up, dust my knees off, and MOVE ON!"
    Very encouraging!

  2. *Hugs* I hope this week is better!!

    I can relate to challenging weeks...I wish they were fewer and farther between though. ; )