Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday Party #4

Whew .... we made it!  It's been a long week.  I've been painting, cleaning, creating, and planning for a while now.  Hard to believe it has already come and gone.  Today was KB's 4th birthday party.  Just to give you some background, the party was originally supposed to be "superhero themed".  On it!  My favorite theme!!  Suddenly a month or so ago Keira announced that she wanted it to be a princess party.  Ugh..... my LEAST favorite theme.  No matter what I did (made her watch the incredibles, old wonder woman episodes, wear her hero cape ...) no changing her mind.  Good grief ... you'd think it was all about her or something.  So we found a compromise and I managed to come out with minimal Disney princesses represented.  The pictures are small because there are a TON of them.  Just double click on them to make them larger.  

What's that? Are you marveling at how cute and delicious these little cupcakes look?  Once again, Sweet T's cupcakery.  She's phenomenal and a tired mom, planning a birthday party, with a husband who has been in Rome all week, and a tank of a son who just learned to climb on the table's best friend. 

Uncle Billy and the boys in plaid.  Good name for a band.

This picture totally catches her cheating.  
But ... it's her party and she'll cheat if she wants to.  
I called her out on it and was quickly given the patented "Keira scowl".  

There's Charlie Thomas ... Keira's future prom date.  

Did I mention 'Wolverine' was there with his mad robot and monster fighting skills.

Future artist and still the easiest kid to photograph in all the land. 
Carlie Jean 

Wouldn't be Keira's party without her sidekick Katelyn.

See ... I told you.

Momma's boy Max.  
This kid is off the charts with cuteness.  

Fin had to sit in a regular chair for the first time.  
He didn't have a problem with that.

I don't even have to comment on this one.  
You can see the love. 

At some point during the party she became Dorothy.  
No explanation.
None necessary.

So ... even if Cinderella did beat out wonder woman ... 
I think it was the perfect way to wrap up 3 years and say "hello" to number 4.  

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  1. OMG, so beautiful and touching, I cried! Hard to believe our little princess is 4! Beautiful decor and love the cupcakes. So cute how Cinderalla move over became Dorothy! You did a GREAT job my child!