Monday, May 10, 2010

Earning Mother's Day

So ... my mother's day went something like this:

Slept in until 10:30 ... you read that right ... 10:30.  And I SLEPT too.   
My wonderful husband played a wedding with his band the night before and still got up with the kids so I could sleep in.  It's all I asked for, all I really wanted.  
That's love.

I come downstairs to a delicious breakfast waiting for me, again, prepared by my amazing hubby.  
Mother's day was also Keira's actual birthday.  We saved a box of presents from her Grandma & Grandpa in Florida to give her on her actual birthday.  Naturally she was waiting all morning for me to get up so she could open them.

How cute is this idea ... a princess suitcase (on rollers - this was a big deal to her) filled with princess goodies.  Games, books, art supplies, makeup etc..  Mom, you hit a home run with that one.   She was pulling the suitcase around the kitchen all day telling me she's ready to go to grandma & grandpa's house.   

This is Keira trying out her make up.  That was also a big deal to her.  The crown and wand were art projects from her party the day before.  She did make it quite clear to me when I was setting up for the party though that princesses don't have wands ... fairies do.
I told her to use her imagination. 
The make up was really just lip gloss and some fingernail stickers.  She didn't quite get the 'fingernail sticker' concept.  That's one of the stickers on her forehead.  

We also saved her big gift for the actual birthday.  Everyone went in together: mommy, daddy, Finley, Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Sasha, Aunt CeCe, Uncle Harry, Michael and Scotty.  We all got her the barbie jammin jeep.  
She saw it in walmart a month ago and never stopped talking about it.  
Shawn and I picked it up Saturday afternoon but I was too tired to put it together.  So, I figured we'd give it to her in the box in the morning and she could play with her other toys while I put it together.  

Dear power wheels:  It's nice that you put it in huge print on the manual that the battery must charge for 18 hours.  However, do you think you could also PUT THAT ON THE OUSIDE OF THE FREAKING BOX!!?!?!?!?

So I put this thing together and Keira had a great time .... sitting in it.  
Just sitting while the battery charged ... 18 HOURS.

Oh .. and this picture is proof positive that my butt needs to be on the weight loss train.  Can anyone say muffin top?!?  Oh and I will NOT be wearing another skirted swimsuit this year.  NOT happening.  I'll swim in shorts and a T shirt first.   Many women look perfectly lovely in skirted swimsuits.  I am not one of those women.  I just look ... uncomfortable.  
I think my 'baby weight' excuse expired when Fin turned one.  
I didn't get the extended warranty on that one either.

Anyhow ... jeep together - check.  Shawn's mom (Sasha), sister (Aunt CeCe) and nephew Scotty came over to celebrate Mother's day and Keira's birthday.  

That's when the puking started.  

Oh yeah ... Fin puked on me about 7 times.  I'm soooo not exaggerating either.  I can still smell it.  I think it's soaked into my nostrils or something.  So after 10 wardrobe changes (7 for Fin, 3 for me).  We finally got around to getting red lobster take out.  We let KB pick since it was her birthday.  She's got a thing for the cheddar biscuits.  

I finally just let Fin go shirtless because I was getting tired of changing him.  Oh, and yes, he's still climbing on the table.  Even sick, he climbs on the table.  

Other than the puking and the stupid power wheels eternally charging battery, it was a fabulous day.  Actually, even with those things it was a great day.  Now I have something to hold over Fin's head for future mother's days ... and Keira has something to hold over mine for future birthdays. 
It's all about balance people. 

But ... the best part of Mother's day was laying in my bed at night, watching TV with my baby girl.  She turns to me, without provocation, and says, "Happy Mother's day mom ... thank you.  I love you."  No my sweet baby girl ... thank you.  

On a side note.  I took Tank to the doctor today ... not one but TWO ear infections.  
Oh .. and Keira got to drive her jeep.


  1. OMG, I LOVE the hat! She is too cute in that! She is growing up so fast. Wonderful blog, keep it coming!

  2. Hi Kim,

    This is Sara from SGdesigns. I just wanted to let you know you won the give away on my blog!

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