Sunday, May 9, 2010

My baby girl turns 4...

If you have children then you understand when I say that your life really almost just begins when your babies are born.  
My baby turned four years old today. 
Time goes fast ...
way too fast ...

Your personality:
    You are smart.  I mean really smart.  I know most parents think that of their kids but I'm being sincere.  It's is often quite a bit of work to stay one step ahead of you.  You have a tender heart and want things to be fair for everyone.  This includes your babies.  You have a 'no baby left behind' policy that has us frantically searching for various 'friends' at bedtime.  If everyone isn't accounted for ... you don't go to sleep.  You have an amazing vocabulary.  Having a conversation with you is very much like speaking to an adult.  

What you can do:
    You can count and recognize numbers up to 20.  You recognize all the letters of the alphabet and can write many of them.  You know how to spell your name and can say the pledge of allegiance all by yourself.  You recognize all the colors and shapes and are able to draw most of the shapes.  You can also sing almost every word to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.  Fun.  You are quite responsible for a 4 year old and help mommy watch baby brother all the time.  You like being the big sister.  Especially the bossing around aspect of it.  

Your likes:
     You like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit.  You LOVE bacon (that's my girl) and anything sweet.  You just recently got into eating salad which has thrown me for a loop and will even request turkey and cheese sandwiches.  You like to dance and think you are already a master ballerina.  You can almost do a split .. impressive!  You draw and paint any opportunity you get and our driveway is rarely without one of your chalk masterpieces.  You play doctor a lot and have also been putting your babies in time out for various reasons lately.  You live to help and want to help mommy and daddy with anything you possibly can.  You go to sound check with Daddy on Saturdays and watch the band get ready.  You help mommy clean the table and make your bed.

Your dislikes:
     You don't like meat.  The only meat related items you'll eat are bacon, turkey, and the occasional chicken nugget.  You won't touch anything with beef - spaghetti w/meat sauce and hamburgers are out of the question.  You don't like most vegetables either.  You aren't very adventurous with food and really don't eat that much at all.  You don't like to have your feelings hurt, who does, but if you feel genuinely wronged then you fall apart.  You don't like to have your picture taken.  For every good photo of you, mommy has taken about 10 bad ones.  

You are a one of a kind kiddo.  You can make me laugh with a look.  You also challenge me with a taste of head strong nature that you inherited from me.  You are so sweet and tell me daily that you love me ... I'm the best mom ever.  You cherish your friends and the relationships you have with your family.  We still call you "Keira B" or "KB" and you don't seem to mind.   You stand up for yourself.  When you don't agree with something you don't hesitate to declare it.  If you've really made your mind up you can out argue your opponent with ease.  

When I look at you I see beauty but I see an equal amount of strength, determination, and tender heartedness.  I am more proud of you than I can express. 

 We love you so much baby girl.  Happy birthday #4.


  1. Happy 4th Birthday to her! She is SOOO cute!

    It's amazing how quickly time goes by!

  2. Happy Birthday Keira! Grandma and Grandpa love you so much and we're very proud of you!