Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keira's Big Field Trip

Now this is my kind of field trip.  Last Tuesday Keira's preschool class took a field trip to Sharon Woods for a nature walk.  They only take 2 field trips a year so this is kinda a big deal.  The weather has been in the high 70's for weeks now.  Not last Tuesday ... figures.  I complained about the cold (under my breath) more times than I should have.  I'm Southern ... what can I say?  Didn't seem to bother the kids.

The nature guide scooped up some freshly hatched tadpoles for the kids to take a close up look at.  It was entertaining to watch them all inch closer to the pond.  The moms were clustered in the back placing bets on who's kid was going in the water first.  None of them did though.  The guide did a pretty good job.  These kids were literally hanging on her every word.  

Coincidentally, there was some construction going on to the nature center building.  One of the guys working on the project was ... how should I put this? ... well ... he was HOTT.  Yeah, that extra T isn't a type-O either, he was THAT smokin.  The funny thing is that I heard so many of the mom's giggle and make jokes to one another about how nice it was for the school to provide entertainment for us as well as the kids.  I sometimes worry about falling into that stereotype of a "mom".  I particularly worry about that when I've worn no make up and my hair in a bun for 3 days straight.  It's nice to remember that even the "momiest" of moms is still human.  

Gosh, I HATE that this picture didn't turn out better.  You wouldn't believe how many times all 4 of the parents of these little girls tried to get a photo of them together.  Hannah, Kerrigan, and Katelyn.  If I had a dollar for every time Keira mentioned one those names, I'd be a rich woman.  I hope they all end up in the same class again next year.  

In talking about frogs, the kids were told that frogs stick their tongue out to catch insects but as a reflex they close their eyes when the tongue comes back in their mouth.  There is your nature tid bit for the day.

Can you tell how badly Keira wants to touch that frog?

Ahhhh ... a great day had by all.  This is most of the class with the exception of 2 little girls who we couldn't find.  Aren't they cute.  I think Keira has a crush on "Cameron".  He's the cute little red head.  She talks about him quite a bit.  "Mom... I like Cameron."  "Mom, Cameron sat next to me in circle time."  Lots of that kind of stuff. Cute.  Cute ... for now anyhow.

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