Friday, April 30, 2010

Sasha's Birthday

This lovely lady is my marvelous mother-in-law - Sandi.  She is affectionately known as "Gram" or "Sasha" by her grandchildren.  "Gram" totally makes sense, a cool and classy way to shorten grandmother.  "Sasha", on the other hand is a bit different.  When Keira first started talking she decided that she would call her "Sasha".  It's been Sasha ever since.  It's kinda nice, a special name for a special lady.

These are the grandkids.  Michael is 17, Scotty is 15, Keira (almost 4), and Finley is 16 months.  Have you ever seen a better looking group of kids? 

Keira is pretty pleased to be the only girl.  She has her older cousins wrapped around her finger.  Both boys have such sweet spirits.  Cindy & Harry did a great job with these two.  I'm excited to see the places they'll go - where there lives will take them.  

I sent Shawn to buy birthday cards for Sasha.  He bought this one because it reminded him of his mom - a Mary Kay lady on the front. 

That's all I'll say about that.  

This is a homemade red velvet cake with cream cheese icing tinted "Mary Kay pink".  It was made by our dear friend Teresa from her cupcakery "Sweet T's".
It is HANDS DOWN the BEST red velvet cake I have EVER had in my life.  I should know.  I happen to be a cake connoisseur.  You know you want some ... I do. 

Before we dove into this heavenly cake goodness, we allowed Keira to sing Sasha a special birthday song.  Keira had been proclaiming that she wanted to sing a song from the moment she arrived.  We all gathered around, giving our undivided attention to this sweet blue eyed little girl.  Keira then proceeds to break out in a chorus of Beyonce's "All the single ladies".  It's such a moment when your not quite 4 year old grandchild starts singing, "...If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it ... uh uh oh uh uh oh oh oh oh uh uh oh ...."  It's even a more special moment when Sasha started singing along.  I guess she is "Sasha Fierce".  Perhaps Keira knew that way back when.  

So happy happy happy birthday to you Sasha.  How blessed we are to have you.  We love you very much!  "uh uh oh uh uh oh oh oh oh uh uh oh ... "

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