Thursday, April 15, 2010

16 months today ....

It seems like just yesterday that you looked like this ....

Sixteen months have flown by!

What's your personality like?
You are very confident at home. You try anything once and get grumpy if your freedom is restricted in any way. Away from home, you are reserved and a bit shy. You do flirt with the ladies though. You are interested in how things work. You've taken the TV remote apart 3 times. So much so that now we have to replace it. Overall you are a happy go lucky sort. However, when you get mad .... you get MAD. Foot stomping, arm waving temper tantrums are your speciality. You LOVE your sister and think she is hilarious. She, on the other hand, tolerates you. Don't worry, she loves you and plays with you more and more the older you get. I apologize now for the amount of bossing you around she is going to do.

What can you do?
Shake your head "yes" or "no" to answer questions

Say: "momma", "Da Da", "Dog", "Bye Bye", "hi", and "hey"

You clap your hands, wave, and point.

You LOVE to play with cars and actually make a "vroom vroom" noise when you push them across the floor.

You are a big time "phone talker". Any object that even slightly resembles a phone goes to your ear. You can carry on some pretty intense one sided gibberish conversations.

You are a talented climber. So much so that we have to be very aware of anything you can climb on.

Your favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, corn, and ANYTHING sweet (you get that from mom).

Here's to you big boy! We are so blessed by you and look forward to watching you bloom!

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  1. Time goes by way too quickly!! It seems just like yesterday I was pregnant.

    Your son is soo cute!