Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Fun

It's hard to believe Easter has already come and gone! We had a nice one. As usual, we headed out to Shawn's Aunt & Uncle's farm in Wilmington. They do a fabulous egg hunt for all the kiddos. It was a warm day but extremely windy. I'll take the wind over the weather from Keira's first egg hunt when the farm was covered with snow!

It should come to no surprise that Fin was not at all pleased with the wind. We saw quite a bit of his lower lip.

The kids were hilarious. They raced to find eggs and keep their balance as they forged their way through the gale force winds.

Keira is only a year younger than her two second cousins, Carlie and Thane. The three of them get along really well. It was interesting to me to watch them on their egg missions - totally oblivious to each other. It was a huge reminder that they aren't babies anymore. They are most certainly big kids, and when there are eggs to hunt ... they are on the case.

Notice Fin's furrowed brow. Does he look like daddy or what?

Keira was happy with her bounty. Each egg was filled with small treats. She was so focused on opening and examining each one ... she was quite annoyed with my constant picture taking "intrusion". I heard several exasperated 3 year old sighs.

Fin ... again, not thrilled.

Just when I thought Easter was lost on Fin, "Sasha" (Shawn's mom) taught him how to open the eggs. That changed his opinion a bit.

This year several of the eggs were filled with gold coins. If you found a gold coin, you got to pick a stuffed animal from a big stash Aunt May had set up. BRILLIANT idea. Just look at that face. Please understand that Thane is not a fan of having his picture taken. Imagine how proud he was to actually pose for me! It worked out that every kid pretty much found a coin. Including .....

....this little girl who ....

now has a new friend named "Fluff".

Hope your Easter was blessed!!

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  1. GREAT picture of Shasha and the kids! You're right, she is a beautiful lady inside and out!
    LOVE the blog Kim, keep it coming!