Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Friday - Part 2

Isn't funny how this picture makes Fin look so small. Or maybe it just makes my head look really big. Must be that gigantic brain I'm sporting. He actually likes this backpack carrier quite a bit - probably too much. I was a bit afraid how things would go since he has a tendency to run at the slightest hint of freedom. I guess nature was more than his confidence could handle. He cried every time I put him down.

Awe.... one big happy, sweet little family.

OK ... this is probably a bit more accurate.

So after a long day of fellowship with mother nature, what is better than a quick stop for ice cream? Certainly no complaints from kid #2 or kid #1, for that matter. (no complaints from the momma either)

Here's to a GREAT Friday!! Hope your's was great too!!

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