Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Double Trouble

Do you remember your childhood best friend? Do you remember the havoc you raised together? This is Katelyn, she lives down the street from us. Katelyn and Keira have been tight since we moved here two years ago. When you are (almost) 4, that equals half your life. The two K's have birthdays that are literally only 6 days apart. They are in the same preschool class. They are besties, most of the time.

Who is the instigator of the two? That is debatable. Depends on the day ... tired factor ... level of hunger ... phase of the moon, who knows. They get along swimingly, they are the sisters that neither one of them have

Of course, sisters do fight. They annoy each other. Worst of all, they compete. I think I heard various forms of this all day today, "yes it is ... no it's not ... yes it is ... no it's not ..." You get the idea.

So today I mentioned smoothies in passing. (Keira calls them smoochies) After lunch the two K's were quick to remind me about the "smoochies". So, I break out the blender, fruit, yogurt, milk ... the whole nine yards. If you've been to any disney show (disney on ice, disney on stage, etc..) you've seen those cups. I've been saving them for a Martha Stewart moment. Then I watched an episode of hoarders last night and decided it's time to ditch things such as this. Alas, the smoochies buy them some time.

A frothy, delicious fruit smoochie in a cute cup with matching straws et all. I start to carry them to the table: "I want Cinderella ...", "No ... I want Cinderella...". Should've saw that coming. So we came up with a suitable way to decide who gets what ... rock, paper, scissors. Neither one of them really understood that but, I digress.

Katelyn takes one bite and declares it "gross". Naturally neither one of them would touch the cups. So, Fin and I had our fruit servings for the day ... and then some. Pointless story, I know, just a little taste of my day.

Hope your day was full of fruity goodness too.

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